Students have shared their adulation and respect for the faculty members. These are the few amongst many who have experienced the thrill of learning through our faculty.

Please go through the following views of the students and we believe you would soon share your story too about our faculty.


"MD CRACK video lectures easily are an asset to any medical student and graduate. The 25 minutes module for videos work perfectly considering the average attention span of an individual is 30 minutes maximum. I could revise and consolidate all the subjects and that really helped me boost my confidence. It is a very good program and I strongly recommend to undergraduates and graduates pursuing PG exams!"
Dr B Raju, Rank 96 APPG. Junior Resident in M.S. (Orthopedics) at Osmania General Hospital
"MD CRACK videos provide much needed edge when it comes to the content, the delivery and the quality of lectures. I am deeply satisfied with MD CRACK and I believe it is a MUST have for graduates and undergraduates."
Dr. Amol Dhage, Rank 1777 AIPGEE. Selected for M.S. (General Surgery).
"The feeling that I can come home after college and watch the videos at my convenience is an awesome thing. I can watch the videos unlimited number of times and make my own notes and points. After studying MD CRACK videos I excelled in 3rd year MBBS exams and I have extended my subscription for another term. Dont want to take chances with final year. I highly recommend students should use MD CRACK videos as early as in the 2nd year MBBS."
Kamran Mahroof, Scored distinction in 3rd year. Final year student - Patliputra Medical College, Dhanbad
"This is the second year I am using MD CRACK videos and I am happy to say that the videos have helped me immensely for the PG CET as well as for my MBBS exams. It gives me a chance to understand better than elsewhere by making the concepts clear. It also helps me review and revise the topic at the last hour.
I am glad I subscribed for MD CRACK video series for the second time and I strongly recommend it to my friends and juniors!"
Kinnari Doshi - Intern. Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College Hospital & Research Center, Nashik.
"MD CRACK videos have definitely added to my confidence level. Revision helps me to clear my concepts, the videos helped me during my final year exams and I am using it for my PG preparation. I have already recommended MD CRACK to my friends and they are very happy that I did so. The lectures, content and video quality is EXCELLENT!"
Purva Darade - Intern. Maharashtra Institute of Medical Education and Research, Pune
For Dr. Sachin Dharwadkar : Ophthalmology
"Dr.Sachin is a fantastic professor. He is very committed towards his profession and has a keen interest in teaching students. He is very down to earth, simple person and easily approachable. He is very enthusiastic and takes all the pain so that all his students are very clear about their basic fundamentals in ophthalmology!!"
Dr. Shobita Nair, Tamil Nadu.
Currently doing DNB (Ophthalmology at Arasan Eye Hospital, Tamil Nadu)
For Dr.Madhav Mutalik : Pharmacology
I am an Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist in USA, trained in India and USA. I have known Dr. Madhav Mutalik as a Pharmacology teacher from the 2nd year of my dental school in India. He is an excellent teacher who has a very good hold of the subject and is an expert in the field. The Pharmacology I learned from him, not only helped me pass the subject in 2nd year, but also helped me in the preparation and successful completion of various postgraduate entrance exams in India and also the National Dental Board Examinations Part I and Part II in USA. Dr. Mutalik's dynamic and enthusiastic teaching style reflects his dedication towards the field and makes the difficult and relatively dry subject of Pharmacology very interesting and simple to understand."
Dr. Rujuta Katkar (Bhoite)
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist ,USA.
For Dr.Sinhasan SP : Pathology
"They say if you want to become a good doctor you must master 3 "P's" in medicine that is Physiology, Pharmacology and Pathology and I was fortunate that I learnt one of the important "P" that is Pathology from the Master himself Dr. Sinhasan. He is by far the most systematic lecturers that I have ever seen. He makes sure that whatever he puts in front of us is crystal clear. Makes us understand the complex Pathology behind all the diseases with ease. The amazing drawings that he made on board in class still are fresh in my mind. He simplifies pathology and explains concepts so well that they stay concrete in your minds!!"
Dr. Hinali Zaveri, Mumbai. Currently preparing for USMLE.
For Dr.Manish Ramavat : Physiology
"Dr. Manish Ramavat my instructor for Physiology during my medical school. I have known Dr.Ramavat personally and have been under constant communication with him. Not only is Dr.Ramawat an excellent instructor, but he is one of the few professors who works constantly for students and provide guidance when needed. He has been very helpful and directive in early stages of my career. I still remember the way he taught physiology was exceptional. He would go right to the main concepts, and explain it in a way that would make it so easy and interesting for students to learn and apply it. He has good knowledge of his subject, and teaches in a very professional way."
Dr. Shailesh Advani, Houston. Currently pursuing PhD in Epidemiology at University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston.
For Dr.Jeetendra Singh : Medicine
Dr Major Jeetendra Singh Sir is my guru and my mentor.
Apart from being knowledgeable, wise, skillful, disciplined and strict; he is kind, generous and compassionate. His passion and energy transcends us as intellectual and better human beings, satisfying our hunger for knowledge to an extent that learning is no longer something to be feared but a goal to be achieved. I have known many a brilliant teachers and I appreciate them. But Singh sir is not only a teacher but also our friend. I feel honored to have grown under his presence and I am grateful.
Sakina Umrethwala : Intern
For Dr.Parineetha Bhatt : Biochemistry
Dr. Parineetha has a tremendous control of the lecture and attention of her students, and has an art of telling a story about each topic and at the same time highlighting HIGH YIELD facts about them. What I liked the most of her teaching was the ability to go down to the simplest level of the subject and make the subject simple and easy to understand. Given a chance would definitely go and attend her lectures without a second thought. If teaching is an art then she is the Michelangelo.
Dr. Dhaval Deshmukh.
Foreing Medical Graduate and PG aspirant. Cleared MCI screening Test 1st attempt.
For Dr.Vaishali Korde-Nayak : Ob/Gyn
"Dr. Vaishali Korde is one of the most prolific teachers of Ob/Gyn I have come across. Her sound clinical knowledge and skills, impressive delivery of subject content and tactful attention to our doubts as well as creative ideas inspires awe and admiration. She uses her untutored talent to her advantage by encouraging her students to not only master the concepts and ace the exams but also to serve the ideals of goodness and beauty through medicine. Her endurance and dedication to students is well reflected by her popularity among the students.".
Dr. Simran Kaur Matta, MBBS.
Has successfully cleared USMLE Step 1 and CS. Now in US preparing for Step 2.
For Dr.Harshal Sabane : Community Medicine
"Dr. Sabane's teaching style can only be described as fun, witty and informative, making an otherwise mundane subject interesting. He keeps you interested right up to the end and makes sure that everything that he mentions in class in understood clearly by all his students."
Miss. Hadiza Bello, Nigeria. Currently pursuing MD (US) in a foreign university.
For Dr.Kavita Krishna : Medicine
I am writing this testimonial with great pleasure as I have had the opportunity to be Dr. Kavita Krishna's student for over 7 years. I have been extremely impressed by Mam's excellent communication skills and her love for the subject. She works tirelessly to inspire her students to perform at a very high level. Her dedication to her students is reflected in her popularity among the students. Mam has excellent teaching abilities seconded by her professionalism, work ethics, a good team work attitude and compassion towards her students. Mam's assertive nature, personal and professional tact and emotional sensitivity to the patients help her students to become competent, effective and respectful physicians.
Dr. Gagan N. Jain, post graduate student of Medicine at Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College,
For Dr.Pari Pulate : Surgery
Dr. Pari Pulate is an exceptional academician. A gifted teacher in her own right she believes that everything in the subject of Surgery should be questioned and explained for better comprehension. She is an ocean of knowledge and her genuine love for teaching reflects in students interaction, with her quest for upto date knowledge, friendly attitude and a refreshingly approachable demeanor. I have admired her quality of motivating the students to challenge themselves for growth making learning enjoyable and enriching process. Dr. Pari is true inspiration for me and many more students those have been blessed by her teaching.
Sanyogita Warang: Final year MBBS student - India
For Dr.Preetam Ahirrao : Medicine
My lecturer Dr.Preetam is the very inspirational and dedicated lecturer. He was there to guide me whenever I needed him. I particularly appreciate his way of explaining very complex topics in medicine and making them simple to understand. He is a born Teacher.
Abdul Salam
For Dr.Maitreyee Mutalik : Anatomy
My lecturer, Dr Maitreyee Mutalik was the most inspirational lecturer who recognized my strengths. She has the capacity to make a very dry subject a fascinating one. It was indeed a great pleasure to have learnt from her.
Dr. Anand Bhatia, Currently doing observer ship in US.
For Dr.Dinesh Joshi : Surgery
Dr. Joshi sir played an important role in teaching us surgery. I think he is one of the best teacher in the field of surgery. Sir helped us understand the requirement procedures and contraindications of the surgery and helped to build a base of it.
Vaibhav Vira
MBBS Student : Second year second semester