We have carefully selected outstanding faculty for the MD CRACK online lecture series. All of our faculty members are post graduates and specialists in their subjects. In addition to the number of publications and years of teaching experience few faculty members are author of books on their specialization. There are some faculty members who hold both – MD,DNB degrees and some who have received fellowships.

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Dr. Parineetha Bhat.


Dr. Parineetha completed her MBBS and MD in Biochemistry from Manipal University. She has more than 12 years teaching experience in different medical schools. Her understanding and outlook of Biochemistry underwent a huge paradigm shift when she worked in an international medical college and learnt how the same subject can be made nonvolatile and clinically relevant which can provide a firm foundation for further clinical subjects. She is considered as a versatile teacher and her policy has always been - to keep it simple. Her classes reflect this and are in a simple clear and lucid language without any additional frills. Her motto is to make students fall in love with Biochemistry and make it as enjoyable as possible. Dr. Parineetha received her FAIMER FELLOWSHIP in 2013.